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Thai Massage with Oil

Originally from Thailand, but inspired by South India, Thai Oil Massage is a variation of traditional Thai Massage recommended for well-being. Less intensive than traditional Thai, it acts in a relaxed and soothing way on the muscular masses. The Thai Oil Massage is a complete body care, from and to the fingertips, both on the  back and front of the body. The techniques used are smoothing with various kneading and spinning but also joint mobilizations, progressive pressures, a few touches of plantar reflexology and very gentle stretching. Thai Oil Massage provides well-being and serenity, relieves tension and fatigue, strengthens vitality (drainage), softens and supports the suppleness of the skin, frees the joints..

60 min - 110 CHF

90 min. - 140 CHF

120 min - 190 CHF

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